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Date added: 29/01/2018 Make the most of winter!

Enjoy those winter walks! Hownd shampoos and wipes (made in the UK from natural ingredients) are the ideal way to clean up afterwards. Click here to see the full range

Date added: 11/09/2017 Introducing Doggie Dooley 3800X - the newest model in our dog waste management range

New Model 3800X is the latest addition to the Doggie Dooley dog in-ground waste disposal range. All Doggie Dooleys are in-ground sytems; the model 3800X is one of the leachbed (open base) systems, and requires less assembly than models 3500 or 3800. It also has a greater capacity if needed (by digging a deeper, narrower hole undeneath the main hole which hold the unit). Manufactured in America, this model has quickly come to rival the Model 3000 septic tank system as the best selling unit in the Doggie Dooley range. As with all Doggie Dooleys, either terminator tablets of digester powder can be used in this unit to help break down the dog waste so it can drain harmlessly away into the ground. The ideal way to dispose of dog waste in a clean, safe and environmentally friendly way. See the whole range here


Date added: 14/06/2017 Two layer cat litter trays and wood chip pellets now in stock (PeeWee) - just watch the video!

The PeeWee litter system is designed with sustainability and hygiene in mind. The wood pellets are 100% biodegradable and highly absorbant. The two-layer system means litter lasts much longer and odours are reduced. The PeeWee EcoMinor litter tray is made up of two parts, a lower container and an upper grid layer. When the cat urinates, 90% of the urine falls through the grid of the upper box into the lower container. The rest of the urine is absorbed by the pellets in the upper part, which then turns into sawdust. When the cat digs, the sawdust falls through the holes in the grid, allowing the grains in the upper box to remain clean. It also keeps the cat's paws clean and dry, so that the cat will no longer leave paw prints outside the litter tray.

This video demonstrates how the PeeWee litter tray system works (the product featured is the closed EcoHouse litter tray but the system is exactly the same with EcoMinor).

PeeWee Wood Pellets

PeeWee wood pellets are made of the sawdust of the Swedish spruce, and are 100% biodegradable. The pellets absorb plenty of moisture and give off a fresh pine scent. They are not processed from leaf or bark, and nothing is added during the production process.

For best results, use the PeeWee EcoMinor in conjunction with the PeeWee Wood Pellets. The PeeWee Wood Pellets are formulated to work in combination with the PeeWee Litter trays. As the PeeWee litter tray only requires a 2cm layer of wood pellets, a 14 litre bag of PeeWee Wood Pellets can last a cat owner up to 4 months!

Date added: 07/06/2017 Have fun watching the squirrels!

Watch the video here! Buy now here.

Date added: 20/03/2017 New Tobi cat scratcher added to the MyKotty range on Kedron Pet and Garden

Tobi is smaller than Lui and Vigo so is ideal for smaller spaces. At 58.5 x 25.5 x 6 cm it will fit in almost any room (or under any chair or on any table....!) Tobi is ideal for the stylish and eco friendly cat and is available in white, brown and black. Click here for MyKotty cat scratchers

Date added: 12/01/2017 Cold weather is on the way!

Happy New Year! Make sure your pet stays warm in the cold weather that's coming. See our dog beds and sheeps wool cat cocoons for natural options to keep your pet cosy.

Date added: 14/11/2016 Special offer on cat cocoons when you buy two

With the weather turning colder we have a special offer on cat cocoons for November - 10% off the second cat cocoon when you buy two in the same order - enter code CC10 in the promo code box in the order summary before payment (right hand side of page). View cat cocoons

Date added: 16/05/2016 Torus dog bowls - more colours now in stock

New stock now in - Torus Dog bowls now available in additional colours. See the range here

Date added: 24/11/2015 Constant filtered water and less spill with new Torus dog and cat bowls

These new dog and cat water bowls from Torus have an in-built reservoir and carbon filter which continually tops up your pet's water bowl with filtered water without overfilling it. It's designed to be stable and minimise spills as well. The large size (2 litre) is ideal for most dogs, whilst the smaller size (1 litre) is ideal for cats and smaller dogs. 

Date added: 20/11/2015 Saturday 21st November is the Day of the Hedgehog!

Do your bit to protect this endangered species with a garden hedgehog shelter and care pack, now available from us. Shop now 

More information on the state of our hedgehogs and what you can do to help from the British Hedgehog Preservation Society: