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Waste Terminator tablets (tub of 100) for use in all Doggie Dooley systems



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Minimum quantity for "Waste Terminator tablets (tub of 100) for use in all Doggie Dooley systems" is 1.

Waste terminator tablets can be used in all Doggie Dooley systems to naturally and easily break down the waste.  Simply add one tablet per dog per week and water as directed (amount of water depends on model - see below for details).  Completely harmless to lawns, pet, plants and people. 

Waste terminator tablets are an alternative to digester powder. 

For bucket style systems (Model 2000 and 3000) add 1 tablespoon of powder or 1 terminator tablet per dog per week and 1 gallon of water per day to your Doggie Dooley Unit. 

For pyramid models (3500 and 3800) add 1 tablespoon of powder or 1 terminator tablet per dog per week and 5 gallons of water 2-3 times per week to the unit. 

Simply scoop your dog’s waste into the steel or plastic bucket in the ground (scoop provided) and add water regularly and digester powder weekly.  The digester powder is non-toxic, harmless mixture of natural bacteria and enzyme cultures designed especially for pet waste.  The waste breaks down into an odour-free liquid which simply drains away.
Each unit features a foot operated lid and built-in overflow device.  
The system is an in-ground system.  The units come fully assembled and need to be installed into the ground by digging a hole to place the bucket into and with space underneath for the liquid to drain away. 

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1. Which size will my dog need?

The size and weights of each kennel are given below, together with examples of the type of dog each would be suitable for.

Small: 54L x 48W x 48H cm (approx), 4kg - Minitaure breeds eg Chihuahua
Medium: 62L x 58W x 63H cm (approx), 5kg - Spaniels, Jack Russels and other small hounds
Large: 84L x 73W x 80H cm (approx), 7kg - Collies and similar sized dogs
Extra Large: 102L x 84W x 93H cm (approx), 9kg - Labradors, Retrievers etc

2. Will my dog chew the canvas ?
Most animals find the proofing in the canvas of the Hound House dog kennel very distasteful. This is not dangerous to your dog. If you have a problem dog we suggest training, stop chew sprays & food chew toys.

3. Will it be too cold or hot?
The canvas material has a thermal breathing insulation quality that cannot be reproduced with tin, wood, plastic or nylon. In very hot weather the canvas can be hosed down with cool water to reduce the inside temperature. The Hound House also comes with a canvas tie-in scratch resistant mat for extra comfort, on top of the comfortable fibreglass mesh slung floor. A Hound House door is available for the colder areas. This is what makes the Hound House the most comfortable hygienic kennel available on the market.

4. My dog digs
The canvas mat is scratch resistant, that is, the proofing in the canvas waxes up causing a glaze over the surface. If this is a problem give your dog something to move around inside the kennel, eg. old blanket or towel & if a problem is foreseen add a piece of carpet to the base.

5. How waterproof is it?
The manufacturers of the material suggest reproofing every 6-12 months depending on the conditions the material is subjected to. Hound House recommends that it be proofed whenever it's deemed necessary. Canvas proof sprays can be purchased from camping & hardware stores everywhere.

6. My dog won't sleep in that!
We’ve heard this too many times and it's probably true with most timber, tin, or plastic kennels. A dog has a natural instinct to sleep in a den like situation with a hollow for its belly in the floor, this is why the Hound House works so well. The floor sinks in the middle to allow for belly curl and the canvas hood means nothing can sneak up from behind. This makes your canine feel safe and comfortable, even in thunder storms.

7. Is the Hound House easy to assemble?
Your Hound House pet shelter comes ready to use in seconds. Simply slip the end frames from the corner holes in the cover and clip to floor frame above rivets, then insert the top support bar to rear end frame hole & slide front over the frame to the centre.